Backup of Azure Blobs

Backup Strategy

When we backup solutions, we need to consider if the application is a “Mission critical” application. For example, does the application have a binding SLA stating that a downtime of 24 hours or longer would result in a Financial liability? We also need to see if it has a low rate of data change. For example, losing up-to an hour of change is acceptable or something in those lines according to the needs of the application. Finally, the solution should also be cost effective.

Backup solution

Soft-Delete feature is to be set ON in the Storage Account used by the Blob. This would allow accidentally deleted files to be restored easily (instead of looking at the backup to recover the same). This also protects against data erase that can happen by overwrite. This would allow to meet maximum RPO and RTO, no data would be lost for any time within the recoverable time. Example: 30 days.

  1. Create Storage account for back ups
  2. Create an Automation Account
  3. Create a Runbook of type PowerShell within the Automation Account
  4. Add a schedule to schedule run of the powershell Runbook
<# Parameters #>
Param (
[Parameter(Mandatory=$false,Position=0)][String]$azureStorageAccountNameSource = “azureStorageAccountNameSource”,
[Parameter(Mandatory=$false,Position=2)][String]$azureStorageAccountSourceKey = “999sjisjlhkjhckjhskhshhsomerelevantkeyhere”,
[Parameter(Mandatory=$false,Position=3)][String]$azureStorageAccountSourceContainer = “someazureStorageAccountSourceContainer”,
[Parameter(Mandatory=$false,Position=4)][String]$azureStorageAccountNameDest = “someazureStorageAccountNameDest”,
[Parameter(Mandatory=$false,Position=5)][String]$azureStorageAccountDestKey= “jdiqifoiuqwoiufoiwusomerelevantkeyhere”,
# Build backup container Name
$date = ("{0:yyyy-MM-dd}" -f (Get-Date))
$bkUpContainerName = $azureStorageAccountDestContainerPreFx + $date
# Initiate the Source Azure Storage Context
$ctxSource = New-AzureStorageContext -StorageAccountName $azureStorageAccountNameSource -StorageAccountKey $azureStorageAccountSourceKey
# Initiate the Destination Azure Storage Context
$ctxDest = New-AzureStorageContext -StorageAccountName $azureStorageAccountNameDest -StorageAccountKey $azureStorageAccountDestKey
#get containers within the storage
$azContainersDest = Get-AzureStorageContainer -Context $ctxDest | sort @{expression="LastModified";Descending=$true}

#is this is the first container created for Backup? if yes, create new container and copy all contents into the new destination container
if($azContainersDest -eq $null) {

# Create dest Container
New-AzureStorageContainer -Name $bkUpContainerName -Context $ctxDest -Permission blob
Get-AzureStorageBlob -Container $azureStorageAccountSourceContainer -Context $ctxSource |
Start-AzureStorageBlobCopy -DestContainer $bkUpContainerName -Context $ctxDest
else {
$azContainer = Get-AzureStorageContainer -Container $bkUpContainerName -Context $ctxDest -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue# there are other containers but a Container with todays date does not exist
if($azContainer -eq $null) {
$lastCreatedContainerName = $azContainersDest[0].Name;
Write-Output "The lastCreatedContainerName ... " $lastCreatedContainerName
$lastCopiedDateStr = $lastCreatedContainerName.Substring($lastCreatedContainerName.Length-10, 10)
Write-Output "The last copied date... " + $lastCopiedDateStr

$lastCopiedDate = get-date $lastCopiedDateStr
Write-Output "Creating new container...." + $bkUpContainerName
# Create dest Container
New-AzureStorageContainer -Name $bkUpContainerName -Context $ctxDest -Permission blob

} # a container with todays date exists
else {
# Find the last copied date time of Backup with todays date
$blobsDest = Get-AzureStorageBlob -Container $bkUpContainerName -Context $ctxDest | sort @{expression="LastModified";Descending=$true}

# First blob in that list would be the last modified.
$latestBlobDest = $blobsDest[0]
$lastCopiedDate = $latestBlobDest.LastModified
$blobsSrc = Get-AzureStorageBlob -Container $azureStorageAccountSourceContainer -Context $ctxSource | sort @{expression="LastModified";Descending=$true}

Write-Output "Are there any files uploaded since the last copy? " $lastCopiedDate
foreach ($blobSrc in $blobsSrc) {
if($blobSrc.LastModified -gt $lastCopiedDate) {
Write-Output "Copying blob into backup container. Blob last modified on ... " $blobSrc.LastModified.
$blobSrc | Start-AzureStorageBlobCopy -DestContainer $bkUpContainerName -Context $ctxDest
else {
Write-Output "No more files to copy"
catch [Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Commands.Storage.Common.ResourceNotFoundException] {
Write-Output "Container Not Found..."
# Report any other error
Write-Error $Error[0].Exception;
catch {
Write-Output "An Error has occured..."
# Report any other error
Write-Error $Error[0].Exception;



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