A Case to take Privacy Seriously

So, why should you care? What could anybody do with your data anyway?

Your data is an extension of your identity. So your picture that you put out could be used to impersonate you, to set up online accounts that can be used to catfish, to superimpose on stuff that you would not be pleased with. Bio-metric data collected casually is the worst that you could imagine. Once compromised, it can be used for impersonation, or any other sinister purposes, you might never even find out, even if you find out, you can’t do anything about it since you can’t reset your bio-metric credentials can you?! Change your fingerprint or Iris, anybody?!

What is the extent of risk you can possibly take?

With government regulations still behind catching up with possibilities of data being misused, it becomes very vital that people are aware of the consequences of sharing their private information. In these times, we live in the Matrix, you can’t really GET OUT (no red pill — blue pill offer!). But you can always decide on what you are willing to trade off.



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